Y: The Last Man

One of the Best Graphic Novels of All Time

Yorick Brown, an unemployed and unmotivated slacker discovers he is the only male left in the world after a plague instantly kills everyone with a Y chromosome. Accompanied by his mischievous monkey and the mysterious Agent 355, he embarks on a transcontinental journey to find his girlfriend and to discover why he is the last man on earth.

Y: The Last Man

Why Read It?

Y: The Last Man is widely considered to be one the best graphic novel series of all time. Though the original print run is from 2002-2008, Brian Vaughan seamlessly blends a compelling action/adventure story alongside astute social commentary that is still relevant today. While written with an adult audience in mind, older teens can enjoy this classic graphic novel series as well.

The sole human male survivor has his own ultimate goal that's persistent throughout the narrative, but what makes Y: The Last Man so memorable is not the protagonist's realization of his goal, but rather the journey itself along the way. The interesting and meaningful characters, the ever-relevant social commentary and denunciation of sexism, and Brian Vaughan's masterful story-telling (especially the story's bittersweet conclusion) all combine to make Y: The Last Man one of the best graphic novel series of all time. Simply click on the cover images below to place your requests today.