Library Mission, Vision, Values & Strategic Plan

SDG Library Mission

To connect communities through innovative services, literacy resources, independent learning, creative expression, leisure, and civic engagement.

SDG Library Vision

To be “the Place” in SDG for learners, seekers, and explorers.

SDG Library Values

Accessible: We strive to continually identify and reduce barriers to service and be responsive to the diverse needs of residents of all ages, backgrounds, abilities, sexual orientations, gender identities, or levels of socioeconomic status.

Equitable: We seek to provide an inclusive, non-judgmental environment in which everyone in the community feels safe, welcome, and comfortable, by focusing on building trusting, supportive connections.

Open: We commit to being honest and authentic in all our interactions, listening intently and supporting the development of genuine connections. 

The Library's Long Term Strategic Plan can be accessed by clicking here.

Information on Library Board Succession Planning can be found in the SDG Library Board Legacy Document.

For marketing and public engagement purposes, the SDG Library will retain the tagline:

Connect. Create. Explore.