Canadian Literature

Some of Canada's Best

Canadians have made paramount contributions, in every genre, to the literary world. If you are a science fiction reader, love a good mystery, or enjoy reading young adult fiction, our Canadian collection has it all!  

Canadian authors can take you anywhere. Travel to the not-so-distant shores of Prince Edward Island with everyone’s favourite orphan and fall in love with Lucy Maud Montgomery. Or be transported to the strange fantastical lands of the Fionavar Tapestry with Guy Gavriel Kay. For those of us who are intrigued by the worst in our world, pick up something by Margaret Atwood on one of her dystopias from the MaddAdam series and prepare to be astonished.

Sometimes Canadian authors give us new lenses with which we can view our familiar surroundings. For example, Kim Thuy wrote her novel Ru, which is set in Montreal but seen through the eyes of a newly landed immigrant. Our aboriginal authors force us to look at our home in a different light, one where the hardships and accomplishments of the indigenous cultures of our nation remain at the forefront.

The SDG Library proudly holds some of our country’s greatest literary achievements. Check out some of these homegrown titles and start reading Canadian today!