The Best Cookbooks 

How many ways are there to make the classic apple pie or roast seasonal vegetables? How does one sear the perfect cut of meat? When do we really have the time to try a new recipe, experiment with a new style of cooking, or bake that artisan loaf of bread? Despite the hectic pace of today’s world, cookbooks remain a popular reading choice for many adults.

The glossy pictures found in cookbooks have us dreaming of the tasteful dishes without the unfortunate consumption of calories. Today’s cookbooks offer tips and techniques once reserved for learned chefs. Readers look longingly at celebrity cookbooks as windows to the lives of the rich and famous, and we look at cookbooks published by acclaimed health instructors as the answer to our new and improved selves. Cookbooks, like fashion, depict our times and social changes. Thanks to the popularity of cooking shows and food networks, cookbooks will continue to hold a special place in both library collections and readers’ hearts.

The SDG Library offers an extensive and up-to-date collection of cookbooks that is sure to please both kitchen novices and culinary experts alike. Take a look at some featured titles below and start cooking today!