Library at Home Activities

While our branches are closed, we're providing the instructions to some of our program activities for you to take part in at home. Grab the materials needed, clear a spot on your table, and get creative! Projects are released on Saturdays at 10:00am, but you can do them anytime! Don't forget to share your final projects with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

Saturday, September 19 - Book Flower Bouquet

Upcycle some old books into beautiful flowers that look good in any décor. 
Activity provided by LSA Lorna, Avonmore

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Saturday, August 15 - Painted Garden Sign

Spruce up your garden or flowerbed with a handmade sign.
Activity provided by LSA Rose, Winchester

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Saturday, July 18 - Book Paper Lanterns

Add a little bookish light to any setting with these do-it-yourself lanterns.

Saturday, June 27 - The Best Grape Jelly

How can you resist trying to make the best grape jelly? Yum!
Activity provided by LSA Christina, Williamsburg

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Saturday, June 20 - Spy School

Calling all spy recruits! You will need to head outside to complete your Spy School mission. Activities include a scavenger hunt and creating your own spy gadget. 
Activity provided by LSA Ginette, South Mountain

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