Getting Started

Dedicated eReaders like the original Kobo can be used to read library eBooks, but it does take a few steps to set up. The exact particulars may vary from device to device, but the core idea of having to borrow, download, and then transfer the eBook to your eReader will be the same. First, you'll need to obtain an Adobe Digital Editions account and download the desktop program for your PC or Mac. If you have already done this, the below steps can be skipped. 

Adobe Digital Editions

  1. Create an Adobe Digital Editions account here (requires an email address). Click Sign In at the top-right corner of the screen, then Get an Adobe ID.
  2. Download the Adobe Digital Editions desktop program here. Some users have found best results using Version 3.0, but newer versions are also available.
  3. Once installed, open Adobe Digital Editions and authorize it by clicking the Help menu heading, then Authorize Computer. Enter your Adobe ID account (your email address) & password.

Adobe Digital Editions Screenshot (authorize computer)

Borrow, Download, and Transfer eBooks

Now that you have an Adobe Digital Editions account and the desktop program has been downloaded and installed, go to our digital catalogue and Sign In using your SD&G County Library card number and PIN. Then search for specific titles and authors, or browse from categories to find a title and click the Borrow button. If a title is unavailable, press Place Hold to be notified by email when it's ready to borrow.

OverDrive eReader Process 1

All borrowed items will show up in your Loans section, which you can reach either by clicking the My account and then Loans or by clicking the bookshelf icon at the top-right of the screen. Click the Download button and then open the downloaded eBook file. 

OverDrive eReader Process 2

The eBook should then automatically open in Adobe Digital Editions, but if it does not, it can be opened manually inside ADE (File menu heading and then Add to Library). Access your full listing of downloaded eBooks in Adobe Digital Editions by clicking the Library button at the top left of the screen.

OverDrive eReader Process 3

Use your eReader's USB cable to connect it to your computer. After a moment, your device should appear under the Devices heading on the left pane. Simply click and drag the eBook cover image from the right pane onto your device to copy it there. This will also automatically authorize your eReader with your Adobe Digital Editions account.

OverDrive eReader Process 4

Wait a few seconds, then click on your device on the left pane to verify that the title copied properly. Safely eject your eReader from your computer and begin reading!

OverDrive eReader Process 5