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Harley Quinn's crazy world on has gotten even more crazier when an unexpected, contagious enemy comes to town! Protecting her neighborhood just got a little harder, good thing they have chainsaws! -Harley Quinn: Die Laughing (Rebirth)

Harley Quinn: Die Laughing

Why Read Them?

A relatively new entry in the DC Comics rogue's gallery, Harley Quinn has quickly become a new fan-favourite supervillain over the last few years. She was originally merely a sidekick to the more established villain, the Joker, but after getting such a strong reaction from fans since her 1992 debut, Harley has many times been featured in her own series as a relatively independent character that will sometimes team up with her old boss and other villains in the Suicide Squad series. Having only fairly modest superpowers of enhanced agility and strength, Harley tends to get her way by being brilliant, crafty, and completely unpredictable to Batman and her other enemies.

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