3-D Printing at SD&G County Library

Media Release

3-D Printing at SD&G County Library
January 4, 2016

The SD&G County Library is excited to introduce the Ultimaker2 to the residents of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Counties.  The Ultimaker2 is an easy-to-use 3-D printer, to be unveiled at the Library’s MakerSpace Open House in Morrisburg on January 7th.  At this event, Courtney Riviere, the Library’s Information Technology (IT) Intern, will be demonstrating how the 3-D printer works and providing information on how patrons can access it. 

The Ultimaker2 creates three dimensional objects by taking plastic in coil form, melting it, and printing it in layers.  Any object you can imagine, from jewelry to toys to phone accessories, can now be printed.  3-D printing has been around for a while now, but it is only in the past few years that it has become accessible to everyone.  With the recent purchase of the Ultimaker2, Library patrons in SDG have access to the technology locally.

“The addition of this 3-D printer to our Library’s resources is another way that we are striving to foster innovation and discovery in SDG”, says Karen Franklin, Director of Library Services.  “We’ve been planning for the introduction of a 3-D printer for a while, and we are looking forward to working together with our residents and patrons and learning what this new resource can do.”

In addition to the 3-D printer, the MakerSpace Open House will be featuring hands-on demonstrations of other innovation and discovery kits available at the Library, along with light refreshments.  The Open House will take place at the Morrisburg Branch at 34 Ottawa St. on January 7th between 3 to 8pm.

Following the MakerSpace Open House, the 3-D printer will be permanently housed at the Morrisburg Branch.  From January to March, you can learn more about the printer by contacting Courtney Riviere, IT Intern, at criviere@sdglibrary.ca or (613) 936 – 8777.  For information about the MakerSpace Open House or about the SD&G County Library, please contact Susan Wallwork, Communications & Marketing Librarian, by phone at (613) 936-8777 ext. 226, or by email at swallwork@sdglibrary.ca.  

Photo of IT Intern and the Ultimaker2