Author Joel A. Sutherland Visits SDG!

Media Release

SD&G County Library Author Visit – Joel A. Sutherland
June 20, 2017

Last Friday and Saturday, the SD&G County Library welcomed Canadian author, Joel A. Sutherland to the Avonmore and Iroquois Branches. Mr. Sutherland is an award-winning author of recent editions of the popular Haunted Canada series and the newly released novel Summer’s End.

During his visit to the Library, the author shared stories from his experiences researching and writing ghost stories, as well as engaging participants in an interactive reading. Adults and children alike were entertained by Mr. Sutherland’s humourous and friendly presentation-style.

“The Haunted Canada series is very popular with children in grades 3 to 7, and having Mr. Sutherland visit our Library system was one way for us to connect with this age group” said Darlene Atkins, District Supervisor for the SD&G County Library. “Everyone that came to the author visit loved every minute of it – we’d welcome Mr. Sutherland back anytime!”

The Haunted Canada books are non-fiction books that highlight ghosts and spooky encounters throughout Canada. Young readers enjoy being scared, while also learning more about the history of Canada. The whole series, as well as Mr. Sutherland’s novel Summer’s End can all be borrowed from the SD&G County Library. To reserve your copy, visit or contact your local branch.

About Joel A. Sutherland

Best known for writing children’s books in the horror genre, Mr. Sutherland is also a librarian with Georgina Public Library in Keswick, Ontario and a ghost hunter. He has written seven books including four of the Haunted Canada series, two horror novels and one guide for young writers. He lives in southeastern Ontario with his family. For more information, visit