Dundas County Archives Presentation

Media Release

Donation to Dundas County Archives
June 28, 2019

On June 18th, the SDG Library, South Mountain Branch and the Friends of the South Mountain Library Resource Centre hosted representatives from the former South Mountain Women’s Institute and the Dundas County Archives.

Residents were invited to join the guest speakers to learn more about the history of the Women’s Institute in the area and the work of the Dundas County Archives.

Demonstrating true community camaraderie, the SDG Library and the Friends of the South Mountain Library Resource Centre also coordinated the official donation of a number of South Mountain Women’s Institute records to the Dundas County Archives.

“The Library is happy to be able to work with the Archives to ensure materials are housed with the appropriate organization and cared for properly” said Susan Wallwork, Communications & Marketing Librarian.

The originals of the documents will now be housed at the Dundas County Archives, while copies are available at the Library and digitally at http://pub.canadiana.ca/.

For more information on the SDG Library, please visit www.sdglibrary.ca or contact generalinfo@sdglibrary.ca or (613) 936-8777. For more information on the Dundas County Archives, please contact dundascountyarchives@gmail.com.