Freedom to Read Week at SD&G County Library

Media Release

Freedom to Read Week at the SD&G County Library
February 23, 2016

February 21-27 is an important week, not simply for libraries, but for all Canadians. Designated as “Freedom to Read Week”, this annual week-long celebration has been established to remind Canadians about our right to information from all points of view.

At the SD&G County Library, our staff have been preparing for this week all month long. From contests that test one’s knowledge of banned books, to using censorship to create poems, Library staff have designed programs that will challenge residents of SDG and remind them of our right to free access to all expressions of ideas. 

“Freedom to Read Week complements the role of the public library” says Karen Franklin, Director of Library Services.  “The public library was established to provide access to information, and that includes access to all points of view.” 

“It is easy to take for granted our right to read what we want” adds Ms. Franklin, “This week reminds us how lucky we are to enjoy uncensored access to information and the Library is here to help facilitate both the access and celebration of that access”.

Freedom to Read programs at many of our branches will be offered throughout the week and several activities will take place until the end of the month. Contact your local branch or our Admin office (613-936-8777) to find out details.  For more information on Freedom to Read in Canada, visit