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SDG Library – ‘Library of Things’

July 18, 2018

The SDG Library has just launched a new collection of items for Library members to borrow, called the ‘Library of Things’. Wikipedia describes the ‘Library of Things’ as “non-traditional items that are being loaned by libraries, [which] can include kitchen appliances, tools, gardening equipment and seeds, electronics, toys and games, art, science kits … and more”. SDG Library has chosen to offer musical instruments for its first collection of items.

“Thanks to one of the Library’s biggest advocates, Bill McGimpsey of The Cooperators, and his generous financial support for this project, we were able to purchase six acoustic guitars, complete with straps, tuners, chord books and cases,” says Karen Franklin, Director of Library Services. “We were also able to leverage some technology funding to purchase an electronic piano. We are now hoping to add ukuleles to the collection, to help round out our offerings. The idea is to give the public the opportunity to borrow a musical instrument, which in turn may encourage people to want to learn more.” Not only can you borrow an instrument, you can take free music lessons via ArtistWorks, compliments of the Library. “By focusing on instruments that combine melody, harmony and rhythm, we hope to inspire borrowers’ creativity, and foster their interest in music.” Ms. Franklin adds that the Library will gratefully accept financial donations and items to help develop this collection.

The SDG Library is also adding its fifteen Mobile Internet Hotspots, introduced in 2017, to the ‘Library of Things’. These portable ‘MiFi’ devices allow borrowers to access the Internet wherever they may be – at the cottage, while travelling, or at home if one doesn’t have Internet service. They can even access the Library at! The Hotspots have proven to be very popular with Library members to date, resulting in an ongoing waiting list to borrow one.

Libraries of today are very different organizations when compared to libraries of the past. While the promotion of literacy is still the core objective, the techniques, services, and technologies used to achieve this objective might surprise those who have not visited a library lately. The ‘Library of Things’ is a prime example of this.

Questions about the ‘Library of Things’ or any other SDG Library initiative may be directed to Karen Franklin, Director of Library Services – or 613-936-8777.