SDG Library Rebranding

SDG Library Rebranding

May 22, 2018

The SDG Library is pleased to unveil its new logo, operating name, and Mission and Vision Statements.

Libraries today are very different organizations when compared to those of the past. While the promotion of literacy is still the core objective, the techniques, services, and technologies used to achieve this objective might surprise those who have not visited a library lately.

To highlight and complement its extensive offerings, the SDG Library has revised its Mission Statement, Vision Statement, logo, and name.

Mission Statement
“Connect. Create. Explore.”  This brief, simple and direct statement is intended to bring a shared understanding of the purpose of the Library in the community – why it exists and what it does.

Vision Statement
“The SDG Library connects people with ideas, their community and the wider world through innovative services, resources for literacy, independent learning, creative expression, leisure and civic engagement.”  The Library’s new Vision Statement is clear and concise, and not bogged down in lofty language. The message is compelling, and conveys the Library’s values of inclusion, life-long learning, recreation, and innovation.

New Name
“SDG Library”.  The SDG Library has dropped the “&” from the traditional SDG acronym.
The Library is adopting this new standard in an effort create consistency across organizations, and in particular the SDG Counties.  Not only is the Library dropping the ampersand, it will no long be using the word "County”.  Removing “county” creates more visual space, allowing the Library to generate greater brand recognition. The removal of "county" also makes for a shorter French translation. The result is a French translation that is easier to read.

New Logo


The new SDG Library logo uses book “pages” to represent the six local municipalities that make up the Counties. To create consistency, the SDG Library is using the same logo colours as the Counties’ logo, with colour choices inspired by the river, agriculture, land and sky. They symbolize the pure nature, energy and vitality of this region.

The bottom “pages” represent the traditional library, while the upper portion represents a departure from the traditional. Together they resemble wheat, a symbol of our rural setting.

The new SDG Library logo acknowledges a changing library landscape. The Library is looking to the future while not forgetting its roots, purpose and community. A full implementation of the new logo is not expected until sometime in 2019.

Because the rebranding exercise was completed internally in consultation with the Library Board, there was no cost incurred in its creation.

Questions about SDG Library rebranding – or any other Library initiative – should be directed to Nicholas Seguin, Communications & Marketing Coordinator, (613) 362-2842