Off the Shelf Library News - December 2016

Tis the season! With the holidays around the corner and winter weather in full swing, we are reminded of the simple things in life. A warm meal on a cold evening, a great story told by the fireside, and special moments with friends and family are just some of the simple things we can be grateful for. In a world consumed by the hectic pace of 21st century living, the holidays beckon us to slow down and reflect on what is most important. It is also the ideal occasion to practice gratitude.

At the SD&G County Library, one of the things we are most grateful for are our patrons and visitors. We appreciate their commitment to our system and the fact that they choose us as their go-to place for great reads, original programs, and quality social interactions. Without our faithful followers, our libraries would be empty shells rather than the vibrant and creative community hubs we have come to be.

Those who access our services and visit our spaces look to us to provide some of the simple pleasures in life. A good book, a fun movie night, an informative presentation, a playful storytime – the list goes on. Libraries increasingly offer some of the best educational and recreational experiences out there, and all at no cost!

This holiday season, share the gift of a library card and spread the word to those you hold dear. During a time that can be costly, it’s no small comfort to know that some of the best gifts out there are free.

For more information on our services, visit or speak to any Library staff.