Off the Shelf Library News - February 2016

It’s inspiring to speak with someone about something they’re really passionate about.  The excitement in their voice, the animation in their expressions and even the vibe they give off is contagious.  It doesn’t matter what it is they’re talking about – from exhilarating topics like hiking in Peru to everyday topics like buying a new fridge – when the other individual is enthusiastic about the topic, it stirs the listener to want to experience the same feeling.

Reading, listening and watching are three areas that often seem to inspire passionate reactions.  Previews and reviews of books, music and movies are designed to make the audience want more.  And the best of these projects will invoke excitement in the audience that they want to share.  Star Wars: the Force Awakens is a perfect example of this response:  Movie trailers created hype and left fans wanting more, individuals went to the show, and now they’re excited to share their experience (including any twists and surprises). 

But Star Wars is an obvious example.  What about when you meet someone in line for your morning coffee and the conversation turns to sharing about that book they have in their hand?  They speak with conviction, share just the right amount of information and elicit a response from you.  Even if it’s not your favourite genre of book, their reaction makes you want to read it too!  It’s a feeling that can’t be beat.

At the SD&G County Library, we’re extremely lucky that we get to experience this on a daily basis.  Our patrons have such enthusiasm for what they’ve read or seen, that it often inspires our staff or other patrons to check it out. It’s not just the library professionals that provide great recommendations – they can come from just about anywhere and from anyone. Listen closely to the cues – your next read (or film) might be in there somewhere!

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