Off the Shelf Library News - February 2017

Time is valuable – and we never seem to have enough of it! Busy lives have us running here, there, and everywhere. More and more, we face the challenge of balancing our lives, including trying to carve out just a little bit of time for ourselves.

For some of us, reading can be one of the ways we relax, unwind, and even escape – if just for a little while. But this past hectic week got me wondering - is there more to being able to relax than just picking up a good book? Why on a busy week, was it less relaxing when time to read was limited to a lunch break?

And then it hit me - part of the relaxation experience can be the place that you’re reading in. If you change the place, the whole experience can be different. Choosing the environment can be just as important and influencing as the book you’re reading.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can only escape into a good book when you’re reading in a certain place - but it can impact the results. And depending on what you’re looking for, you may pick a different place. For example, perhaps looking to wind down is best suited to reading in bed, while escaping fits in well with reading outdoors on a warm day. We all develop our favourite places to read, and subconsciously often tie them into what we’re looking to get out of our reading experience.

Looking for your next read and a place to escape to? Visit any branch of the SD&G County Library to check out our selection of reading materials, as well as some of our cozy nooks that might just be your new favourite place to read.

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