Off the Shelf Library News - January 2017

Originally published in Seaway News Volume 31, Issue 20

Happy 2017!

The New Year can be a great time for planning and reflection – especially in the literary world! Starting in December, we are inundated with more reading lists than usual; the best books of 2016, the most anticipated books for 2017, bestsellers lists, reading challenges, etc.

These lists can be both inspiring and overwhelming. They’re great tools to make you aware of titles that are out there, but where do you start? And how do you keep up? Don’t worry – there are no rules to using these lists!

The great thing about these lists are that they not only provide you with suggestions of what to read, but they can also act as a reminder of a title that you’d meant to read. There are lists available on just about any topic – once you find the perfect source for your tastes, you can keep going back year after year. And, while it might be nice to finish an entire reading list, it is certainly not necessary.

Now, let’s not forget about the reading challenges. An activity challenge for your literary tastes, these challenges can motivate you to take more time to get lost in a good book. And you don’t have to feel guilty about taking a little extra time for reading, because it’s all in the name of healthy competition!

Whether you subscribe to reading lists, participate in book challenges or just choose your next read on a whim – we hope your 2017 is filled with plenty of good reads and armchair adventures.

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