Off the Shelf Library News - July 2016

Hello summer! And all things that go with it – long days, late nights, and hopefully, some summer vacations.  It’s great to get away during the summer months, whether it’s camping trips, long weekends at the cottage, once in a lifetime vacations, or day trips to local destinations.  But there is one part of vacationing that can be stressful – making sure you have enough to do on the journey.

I recently had a friend take her children on a 5-hour train trip for a weekend away.  Each of her children was expected to carry their own luggage, including activities for during the train ride.  However, inspection of the bags found that one of her sons was bringing two big hardcover books to read on the train.  Great that he’s looking forward to reading; not so great that he has to carry around these heavy books.  After removing one of the books for easier carrying of the bag, my friend then got to hear about it the minute her son finished the first book – halfway through the train trip!

One solution for luggage restrictions – eBooks! I know eBooks are not for everyone; they don’t feel the same or smell the same.  The experience is different when you read an eBook.  But in some situations, they are very practical.  Think of how many you can carry on one device!  And you don’t even have to load them on all at once.  You can be halfway around the world, and as long as you have Internet access, you can download your next great read.  Whether you want to buy them or borrow them from the library, eBooks can be the perfect way to keep reading on the road.

The SD&G County Library has a selection of eBooks and eAudiobooks perfect for accompanying you on your next trip.  Don’t see what you want in our catalogue – make a suggestion to purchase.  Visit us at for more information on borrowing eBooks and searching our catalogue.