Off the Shelf Library News - June 2017

Off the Shelf: news from SD&G County Library

What does your taste in reading say about you? Have you ever wondered? Or maybe you thought about it yourself, when someone told you what they were reading.

Reading choices are as varied as the individuals making them. They’re personal decisions that can depend on something as simple as the day of the week, or something as complex as wanting to explore a new philosophy or field of study.

So, while a book selection can very well say something about an individual, it would be very tough to generalize with an overarching statement about someone. That’s the great thing about reading! It’s your choice what fits with your personality, mood, or interest at the time.

I remember being in university and thinking it was important to read “literary” type books; books that had won awards and “intellectual” individuals read. But, as I struggled through a couple of titles, I realized that during this time, I needed something lighter to give me a break from my studies. As I grew up, my understanding (and let’s be honest, confidence), grew in choosing the titles I wanted to read, as opposed to what I thought I should read.

Today, I easily turn to an entertaining, quick read when I’m stressed out – and I have no concerns what this choice says about me! This understanding has allowed me to broaden my reading tastes and know when to choose certain titles – what a relief it was!

Whether you wonder what your reading selection does or doesn’t say about you, the SD&G County Library is the perfect place to make your next choice. Visit us online at or in person at one of our fifteen branches and make your selection!