Off the Shelf Library News - March 2017

What’s your place? That place that makes you sit up and take notice of when you’re reading a book. Or think “I would love to go there” when you’re watching a movie. For me, and perhaps you’re like me, it’s libraries.

The interesting thing is I’ve always noticed awe-inspiring libraries in books and movies (this was probably a sign I missed early on that I was destined to work in them). However, I will admit, since working in libraries, I notice them a whole lot more.

And there are a lot of great libraries in print and film out there.

There are the magical ones that you can’t help but think about when you think fictional libraries – Hogwarts from Harry Potter, the Library from Dr. Who, or the Jedi Temple Library from Star Wars. Any of those would be amazing to one day step foot in.

And then there are the ones that stay with you because the part they play in the story – Sunnydale High School Library from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Shermer High School Library from the Breakfast Club – do you remember those?

But sometimes, it’s when you least expect it that you can’t seem to forget it – coming across “The Library” episode in Seinfeld reruns, or the library scene from Ghostbusters – that reference to the New York Public Library connects with you and you take a moment away from the storyline to appreciate the setting.

Storytelling can connect with someone on multiple levels and you never know what it is that will stay with you long after you’ve finished the story.

Whether you’re looking to find the next great fictional library, a depiction of a real one, or that other “place” that speaks to you when you read or watch a movie, visit your local branch of the SD&G County Library and find your next story.

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