Off the Shelf Library News - May 2016

Originally published in Seaway News Volume 30, Issue 35.

Public libraries, from Newfoundland and Labrador to SD&G, have been getting a bit of media coverage these last few months - and it's not just about new library services and programming! Unfortunately, libraries are sometimes faced with tough decisions - and it can all come down to what value a community places on library services!

The issue is libraries are not a "for profit" business, however they depend largely on use. The "success" is often rated by how many members there are, how many items are borrowed, and how many visitors they have. But the costs are covered through taxes, rather than charging an admission or a rental fee. So how do residents or communities show they value the library?

Of course, people should keep using the services they value, but they can also expand this. They can be advocates for the library - tell their family ‎and friends about what the library offers, or better yet, bring these people in to try out the services. As well, people can make sure their local representatives know they appreciate and need the library. The key is to spread the word!

Library professionals believe strongly in the need and benefit of public libraries. And we will always be advocates, but we cannot do it without the community's help. There's never been a better time to support your library!  

The SD&G County Library is currently undertaking a membership drive. There are lots of prizes to be won! Visit your local branch for more information or contact Susan Wallwork, Communications & Marketing Librarian at (613) 936-8777 ext 226 or