Off the Shelf Library News - May 2017

Originally published in Seaway News Volume 31, Issue 36

It’s that time of year – well almost. It’s almost road trip season!

Planning and going on an adventure on the road can be very exciting. Whether it’s an annual trip or a new one, the experience is memorable, even when it doesn’t go as planned. Studying maps to plan a route, exploring new attractions, and making those random, last minute stops - the road trip offers us an opportunity to become adventurers.

As well, being on the road during a beautiful day, with the windows down can also let your mind escape from the every day. Similar to escaping into a good book, the open road can help clear your mind from the norm and let in a whole new world.

So what about combining the two? How does escaping into a story while exploring the open road fit together? Like most things, the impact is very individual and would depend on other factors.

Over the years, I’ve had discussions with individuals about listening to books or podcasts while driving, usually related to commuting to work. For some, it is the perfect way to multi-task – catching up on your reading list while driving can help to pass the time and entertain you. And it’s not limited to driving, other activities can also lend themselves to listening to books such as gardening, working out and house work.

On the other hand, I’ve also heard of those that have a hard time focusing on the story when they’re driving. The open road allows them to completely tune out, drifting away from the story and they end up having to rewind it. Plus, there’s always the difficulty of choosing something that everyone in the vehicle wants to listen to.

For me, the idea of multi-tasking appeals, but doesn’t always work out. A combination of route and story, (and sometimes even the weather), has to be perfectly suited and then away we go!

Where do you stand on listening to books while on the road? The SD&G County Library has a wide selection of books on CD, Playaways and eAudiobooks in our collection to help you find out. Visit us online at or in person at one of our fifteen branches to see what’s available.