Off the Shelf Library News - November 2017

Originally published in the Seaway News Volume 32, Issue 9

There’s a certain feeling that can go with finishing a good book or when the credits roll on a great movie. It’s that feeling where you don’t want it to be over – and you look for other opportunities to continue to be immersed in that world. Have you ever had this experience? And what do you do to keep it going?

There are different ways to keep connected to the story you’ve just finished – and it depends on what it was that connected you in the first place. Was it the characters? The setting? The time period? Or something else? Maybe you can’t name exactly what it is that resonated with you – but you’ll know it when you find it again.

With the Internet, cult followings, and the public library, it is easier than ever to find the ideal way to continue your connection. For example, 2017 saw a number of organizations, including public libraries, take the opportunity to recreate Harry Potter experiences in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the novels.

Similarly, some stories offer opportunities for readers to experience these connections through food, soundtracks and even visits to places encountered in the story. The world of J. R. R. Tolkien is experienced all over New Zealand, and it allows super fans the ultimate way to immerse themselves back into the story.

And closer to home, the SD&G County Library offers interactive opportunities to remain connected to those stories that we love. From paint nights to special programming, the Library provides opportunities to get together with like-minded individuals and relive those moments shared with special characters and unique places.

Let us help you continue your literary journey – tell us about a story that you just didn’t want to end and find out what other opportunities we have to help you re-engage with that world. Visit the Library online at or at any of our 15 branches.