Off the Shelf Library News - September 2015

Originally published in Seaway News Volume 29, Issue 52

Over the last few years we’ve seen a lot of changes in the role of public libraries. Yes, they still provide access to resource materials and our favourite authors, but they’ve also had to be innovative in the way they provide their services. Information is more easily available and there are increasingly new ways to access that information – public libraries have embraced these changing times and strive to provide a relevant, up-to-date place for community involvement and interaction. 

SD&G County Library has not been immune to these changes and it is important to us that residents in our communities are aware of everything the library system has to offer. As the new Communications & Marketing Librarian, part of my role is to help keep community members informed of the activities and services provided by the Library, and a newspaper column is one way to achieve this. This month, we’re introducing “Off the Shelf: news from SD&G County Library”, a monthly commentary of what’s going on in your library system.

As part of the inaugural column, I also wanted to remind everyone about a new initiative at the Library called SDG Reads that only has one month left. If you’ve ever thought about getting involved in a book club, or are already part of one, why not take part in the largest one in the Counties! This community book club, invites individuals to pick up a copy of Elizabeth Hay’s novel Alone in the Classroom and then join us to meet the author and discuss the book on October 8. This story is based in rural Canada, and combines interesting characters with an intriguing storyline that takes the reader on a journey through time. We’ve got plenty of copies available – pick one up at your local branch, join SDG Reads and be part of our community book club. 

For more information, please contact Susan Wallwork, Communications & Marketing Librarian at SD&G County Library at or (613) 936 – 8777 ext. 226.