Off the Shelf Library News - September 2017

If there is one book club that you should pay attention to, it’s this one! I’m talking about SDG Reads – the community book club that encourages everyone in the Counties to read the same book.

I know book clubs aren’t for everyone, but this one is different. First, you don’t have to go to meetings to discuss the book unless you want to. You chose if you even tell anyone that you read the chosen title!

Second, you get plenty of time to read the book. Usually book clubs will meet on a regular basis (often monthly), meaning participants only have one month to finish. With SDG Reads, the title was selected in May and wraps up in October with one last event. And no one says you can’t read the book after that.

Finally, SDG Reads always wraps up with a final event featuring a visit from the author. This is an opportunity to meet a Canadian author and find out about his or her writing process. On top of that, each final event is unique with good food and ties into specific themes from the novel.

This truly is a book club for everyone, as it lets you tailor it to what works best for you. This year, SDG Reads is featuring The Illegal by award winning author Lawrence Hill. And there is still time to read the book – pick up your copy at any branch of the SD&G County Library.

Plans for the final event are well underway. The author visit will take place Thursday, October 12 at North Stormont Place in Avonmore. The event is free but you must have a ticket to attend. For more information about SDG Reads and how to pick up your ticket for the final event, visit or speak to any Library staff.