Off the Shelf - news from the SDG Library

Posted April 14, 2020

Life is difficult right now – there’s no way to sugar coat it! We’re modifying our behaviours, adjusting our routines and giving up time with our loved ones. The pay off should be worth it, but it doesn’t mean it’s not hard.

In difficult times, hearing heartwarming stories can provide us with an extra boost of positivity. Everyone is looking for ways to stay positive and to help make things just a little easier for their loved ones, neighbours, colleagues, etc. I’m so proud to share the efforts that SDG Library staff have been taking to help contribute to the protection of healthcare workers.

There have been a lot of stories of individuals and organizations using their 3D printers to provide protective equipment to healthcare workers – within days of closing, Library staff were involved in testing these types of printing projects for Glengarry Memorial Hospital.

Since that first week, staff have been working to print face shields and most recently, mask straps. The face shields are still in progress, as the print jobs originally took nine hours and finding the clear plastic is difficult to source. We have arranged to have our shields available to GMH staff as a back up should they run out of their supply of protective equipment. Thankfully, there has been no need for ours yet.

The mask straps, designed to relieve the pressure on the ears from wearing a face mask for extended periods of time, were delivered to extremely grateful hospital staff last week.  

We’re proud that we are able to use our equipment to provide support to our brave healthcare workers. Printing these items has been a real team effort, involving numerous staff to make it happen. Library staff continue to demonstrate that we are a resourceful bunch – and we’re ready to respond to any needs we can during this difficult time.