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 The SDG Library Shop

The SDG Library Shop offers gift ideas for the library and book lover in your life. Proceeds from the sale of items help to enrich our programs and services. Check out what we have available this holiday season! To place an order, email or call (613) 936-8777. Please note, we only have a limited quantity of some items - items will be available on a first come, first served basis.

Image of socks that say I like long walks to the library    Image of a pair of socks that say selective hearing specialist   Image of a pair of socks with all the houses from Hogwarts on   Image of socks with books and the words book nerd
Ankle Socks-I Like Long   Socks-Selective Hearing   Harry Potter Hogwarts  Book Nerd Socks
Walks to the Library         Specialist                           House Socks                 
Small (women's 5.5-9)
One size (women's 5-10)     One size (men's 7-12)         Large (women's 8.5-12)    Large (women's 8.5-12)
$20.00                               $20.00                               $20.00                             $20.00

Image of a pair of socks with book nerd written in rainbow colours.   Image of a sock that says Adult in Training  Image of a sock that says Adult in Training   Image of a pair of socks with sloths holding books
Book Nerd Pride Socks  Socks - Adult in Training Socks - Adult in Training  Book Sloth Socks
Small (women's 5.5-9)     One size (women's 5-10)    One size (men's 7-12)          One size (women's 8.5-12)
Large (women's 8.5-12)   $20.00                               $20.00                               $20.00

Image of a pack of baby socks   Image of a pack of baby socks   Image of a tuque with books on it.    Image of a tuque with a bookshelf on it.
Mo Willems Children's   Curious George Children's  Book Nerd Beanie     Bookshelf Beanie
Socks                              Socks                                   
One size                     One size
4-pack | 12-24 months     4-pack | 12-24 months          $28.00                        $28.00

$16.00                            4-pack | 2T-3T

Face mask with the words book nerd on it   Bucket Hat    Image of an enamel pin that looks like a library card in rainbow colours   image of an umbrella
Shh.. I'm overthinking  SDG Bucket Hat              Library Card Pride Pin   SDG Library Umbrella
One size (women's 5-10)  One size                          $15.00                            Orange, navy blue, lime green,
$20.00                            $20.00                                                                  teal, black, & forest green

Pin in the design of the SDG Library logo  Three mugs with green, blue and orange inside with the Library logo and the word READ printed on them.  Image of a deck of cards with the Library logo on it  Image of a purple frisbee with the library logo
SDG Library Pin             SDG Library READ Mugs  SDG Library Playing Cards  SDG Library Frisbee
$5.00                             Blue, green & orange          $5.00                                   Blue, green, purple,
                                      $12.00                                                                         turquoise & yellow

Image of an orange journal     Image of a clue journal       image of Earbuds with library logo
 SDG Library Book             SDG Library Maker          SDG Earbuds
 Lover's Journal
                Journal                            Blue 
 Orange, blue & green          Orange, blue & green         $2.00
 $15.00                                $15.00                                                 


How to Order

Orders can be placed by contacting your local branch for assistance, emailing or calling (613) 936-8777. Cash or cheque are preferred payment options.