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Lois and Clark, as well as their young son, Jonathan, have been transported to an Earth much like the one they left behind, yet radically different. An Earth with familiar heroes, familiar faces, familiar names, but entirely different ages and attitudes. An Earth with its own Lois Lane, its own Clark Kent—its own Superman. An Earth where Superman is distrusted—and where two Supermen could cause a disaster. -Superman: Lois and Clark by Dan Jurgens


Recommended Reading Lists

Graphic novels and comic books are now more popular than ever! Movies and games based on comic book heroes and villains are being released at a steady pace, while more & more literary classics are being adapted to the graphic novel format. We've curated lists of some of the best graphic novel series and standalone titles, so simply click the subheadings on the right sidepanel (or from the list below) to learn about them and to easily place your requests. The curated lists are a great place to start if you're new to graphic novels.

Archie & Friends  |  Batman  |  Buffy the Vampire Slayer  |  Dungeons & Dragons  |  Harley Quinn  |  Literary Classics  |  Lumberjanes  |  My Hero Academia  |  One-Punch Man  |  Scott Pilgrim  |  A Silent Voice  |  Spider-Man  |  Star Wars  |  Tokyo Ghoul  |  Video Game Adaptations  |  Wolverine

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We have thousands of graphic novels available for request in our catalogue. You can search for all titles, or narrow them down by some of the more popular publishers. From there, you can narrow the list even further using the Target Audience Adolescent qualifier on the right pane in the catalogue as shown below.

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